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SKU: Keygarn

Product Description

Keygarn is a natural mineral product comprising of garnet available in the sizes listed below. It is extracted from marine beaches and although washed tends to be higher in chlorides and other salts than other abrasives ( see note below ).  We have Bengal Bay quality available in 80 and 30/60 mesh which has a lower chloride content and is graded to a better standard, particularly important when jet water cutting.

Garnet can be used on site as an expendable or is suitable for recycling units such as blast rooms and cabinets. It breaks down quicker than aluminium oxide or chilled iron when recycled.

The 120 and 80 mesh grades are generally used for waterjet cutting applications

Additional Information

Weight 25 kg

Keygarn1, Keygarn2, Keygarn3, Keygarn4, Keygarn5, KeyBeng1, KeyBeng2, KeyBeng3, KeyBeng4

Grade Mesh   Microns
Keygarn1 120 80 -180
Keygarn2 80 180 - 250
Keygarn3 30/60 200-600
Keygarn4 20/40 250-850
Keygarn5 12/24 350-1400
KeyBeng1 80 180-250
KeyBeng2 30/60 200-600
KeyBeng3 120 80-180
KeyBeng4 20/40 250-850