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Promotional price Sinterball 35/70 £3.50 per 25kg bag * (not recyclable one use only)


Sinter ball abrasives is made from bauxite, a clay – like ore of hydrated aluminium oxide, are often used as alternatives to aluminium oxide because they are cheaper. The abrasive is produced by heat-treating natural bauxite without melting and fusing it (as in the manufacture of aluminium oxide).


Expandable sinterball will be ideal for blasting iron work, aluminium, red brick. This sinter ball can be used on restoring tractors, trailers, containers ect...

Sinterball is rounded so will cause less damage which makes it ideal for wood and brick work. It is also a little less dusty.

The price is less then glass and iron silicate making it a cheaper alternative expandable abrasive grit.



Free 25kg Bag

When ordering any full pallet of expendable abrasive, we will send you a free bag of promotional sinterball to try.

Please call the office for more information, or visit our shop page.


The promotional offer is on a sinterball that has not been through as many processes as a standard sinterball. It is therefore not as hard making it less durable and non recyclable similar to glass grit and iron silicate, so we are offering this at a much cheaper price as it is an expandable product unlike other sinterballs that could be used numerous of time.

The product is similar size to fine glass grit.