Alternative to Aluminium Oxide

Alternative to Aluminium Oxide - Sinter Grit

With ever rising prices of Aluminium Oxide it is no surprise that shot blasters are looking for an alternative to Aluminium Oxide. Aluminium oxide is used in blasting cabinets and recycles many times. Blasting alloy wheels is largely done using aluminium oxide in a cabinet . We have a product available that is a great alternative to aluminium oxide at a much lower cost.

Sinter Grit / Calcined Bauxite

Sinter grit also known as Calcined Bauxite or sintered Bauxite, is made from the same material as aluminium oxide. It will therefore provide a similar result. Sinter grit and aluminium oxide are both made from Bauxite.

The key difference being is the bauxite to make Sintergrit is sintered calcined bauxite. Where as aluminium oxide the bauxite is melted therefore fused together creating a strong bond and therefore fractures less on impact. Dispite having the same hardenss.

The price saving comes from within this method as the costs of melting the bauxite are much higher than sintering as it is done via electrofusion of calcined bauxite in electric arc furnaces at temperatures in excess of 2000 C., therefore creating higher energy costs.

Application of Sinter grit

Sintergrit is also used in a blasting cabinet as it is a recyclable abrasive. For optimum results using a psi of 60 will ensure the longevity of the sintergrit therefore providing an equal alternative to aluminium oxide.

The reasoning for this is because the sinter grit despite having similar hardness to aluminium oxide, its friability is less. It therefore breaks down easier then brown aluminium oxide but less so then white aluminium oxide.

 Blasting at a lower PSI will therefore combat this and ensure longer durability to recycle as an alternative to aluminium oxide.

Both products will recycle numerous times. Sinter grit can be used on metals to remove mill scale, rust and paint. It can also be used to shot blast stone, aluminium and stainless steel.


Sinter grit has a no free irons and does not react with water.

Available grades

At KeyAbrasives we have a wide range of grades of sinter grit. 

KEYSINTER1 –  30/70 Mesh ( Alternative to F36/ F54 Aluminium Oxide)
KEYSINTER2 – 60/120 Mesh (Alternative to F70 / F90 /  Aluminium oxide)
KEYSINTER3- 120/180 Mesh (Alternative to  F100 / F120 Aluminium Oxide)

We have all grades of Sinter Grit  available to purchase online in 25kg bags.

For large orders  please get in touch with our team on 01302 714 517 or send us an email at

Which abrasive to use?

See our guide of potential abrasives to use, there are many variations for each application depending on different actors of the work involved so please call to discuss if unsure.