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Available to order in 20kg bags – for larger orders a tonne and above please call the office or email.

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KeyCorn is a natural abrasive manufactured from grinding and sifting corn cobs. KeyCorn is used where minimal damage is required to the substrate. It can be used for shotblasting on many different substrates and also where it is used at low pressures it can be recycled.

It is one of the few abrasives that can be combusted after use and also is a purely natural product.

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Weight 20 kg

KeyCorn10 -(1600-2500microns), KeyCorn12 – (1000-2500microns), KeyCorn16 (710-2000microns), KeyCorn20 – (550-1500microns)

 Grade Microns mm
KeyCorn10  - Coarse 1600 - 2500 1.6-2.5
KeyCorn12 -Medium 1000 - 2500 1.0-2.5
KeyCorn14 - Fine 710 – 2000 0.71- 2.00
KeyCorn20 – ExtraFine 550-1500 0.55-1.5