Aluminium Oxide

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Available to order in 25kg bags – for larger orders a tonne and above please call the office or email.

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Aluminium Oxide

Keyalox is a high-quality virgin brown fused aluminium oxide abrasive. Aluminium oxide is a suitable shot blasting abrasive for recycling in blast rooms and cabinets. Aluminium oxide is used to shot blast chassis components, alloy wheels, brake callipers, and small ferrous components as well as in the UK aerospace industry.

Aluminium oxide powder collection and delivery

At Key Abrasives, we pride ourselves on delivering high-quality customer satisfaction. We operate a collect and delivery service for our shot blasting aluminium oxide powder from a variety of locations around the UK. Please see our location page for further information.

Our aluminium oxide is available in a range of grades suitable for a range of applications and industries. We can deliver 25kg bags of aluminium oxide powder wherever you are in the UK at extremely competitive prices. For larger orders of aluminium oxide, please call the team at Key Abrasives. We can provide expert advice on purchasing the appropriate aluminium oxide for a variety of shot blasting applications, please call us today – we’re happy to help.

Additional information

Weight 25 kg

Keyalox1- F16/20, Keyalox2- F36, Keyalox46- F46, Keyalox3- F54, Keyalox4- F70, Keyalox6- F90, Keyalox8- F120, Keyalox14- F14, Keyalox16- F16, Keyalox18-22- F180, Keyalox100- F100, Keyalox240- F240, Keyalox320- F320, Keyalox360- F360

Grade Mesh Fepa Microns
Keyalox14 12/16 14 1700-1180
Keyalox16 14/20 16 1400-1000
Keyalox1 14/24 16/20 1400 – 710
Keyalox2 30/40 36 600-425
Keyalox46 46 300-425
Keyalox3 46/60 54 355-250
Keyalox4 60/80 70 250-180
Keyalox6 80/100 90 180-125
Keyalox100 90/120 100 150-106
Keyalox8 90/150 120 150-90
Keyalox18-22 150/240 180 90-53
Keyaloxf240 280 240 44.5
Keyaloxf360 400 360 22.8