Aluminium Silicate

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Keyalum is a synthetic mineral produced from coal fired power stations as a slag and then cooled immediately in water to form a glass type substance.

Keyalum is generally used as an expendable abrasive for shotblasting steel structures as well as other substrates.

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Weight 25 kg

Keyalum2 – (0.2mm-1.0mm), keyalum1 -(0.2mm-0.5mm), Keyalum0.5 – (0.09mm- 0.25mm)

Grade Particle size - Microns
KeyAlum0.5 0.09-0.25mm
KeyAlum1 0.2 - 0.5mm
KeyAlum2 0.2-1.00mm
KeyAlum3 0.2-1.4mm