Steel Grit

£35.00 / 25kg bag

Available to order in 25kg bags – for larger orders a tonne and above please call the office or email.

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Steel grit is an angular grit  which provides an efficient and high-quality surface preparation across various industries. Its angular shape, durability, and cost-effectiveness makes it a preferred choice for professionals who require exceptional surface finishes, such as the aerospace industry.

Example – Mainly used with an air compressors Steel Grit can be used on aluminium, brass, copper and alloys, stainless steel and stone slabs. Used for descaling, creating a effective surface profile for preparation of paints.

Additional information

Weight 25 kg

GH025, GH040, GH050, GH080

Grade Information

  Microns Size (mm)
GH040 0.42 1.00mm
GH080 0.18 0.42mm
GH050 0.3 0.71mm


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