Glass Grit

£6.00 / 25kg bag

Available to order in 25kg bags – for larger orders a tonne and above please call the office or email.

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Glass grit is an abrasive produced from recycled containers. It is generally used as an all round expendable abrasive for shot blasting various substrates and is one of the cheaper abrasives. Care should be taken when using on substrates not being coated due to particle embedment of the glass “ colouring” the substrate. Glass may become imbedded in soft wood.

It shatters on impact more due to the nature of the product and therefore can be dustier and less efficient then other expendable abrasives. However it is know to provide a nice finish and is preferred over other grits due to its relatively low cost.

Example – Glass grit fine for use on thin metal wood soft brick. Glass medium for heavily soiled substrates.

We suggest that one 25kg bag will do roughly 1msq… but can also be recycled efficiently

The blasting nozzle ideally needs to be 3x the size of the largest particle of grit for the abrasive to flow freely.

Additional information

Weight 25 kg

Keyglass1 – Ultrafine, Keyglass2 – Fine, Keyglass3 – Medium, Keyglass4 – Coarse

Grade Information

  Mesh Size (mm)
Keyglass2 - Fine 100 -200 0.1-0.2
Keyglass3 - Medium 150 - 700 0.15-0.7
Keyglass3 - Medium 500 – 1250 0.5-1.25
Keyglass4 - Coarse 1000 - 3000 1.0-3


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