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£25.00 / 25kg bag

Available to order in 25kg bags – for larger orders a tonne and above please call the office or email.

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Keybead is a spherical glass bead.
Glass beads are generally used for polishing and light abrasive cleaning. It is best used at low pressure in cabinets and blast rooms where it can be recycled efficiently.

Glass bead is a perfect abrasive for polishing metal work, like unpainted aluminium and giving a sheen to a majority of metals. It is often used in the food industry, on large machinery, and windturbine blades.

Glass bead is also used in the process of peening to prolong the life of metals.

Glass beads have also been used in the reborn again dolls industry, as a filling material

example 105-210 bead would be used as a polishing bead on metal

Additional information

Weight 25 kg

Keybead1 (53-106 microns), Keybead2 (75-150 microns), Keybead3 (105-210 microns), Keybead4 (150-250 microns), Keybead5 (180-300 microns), Keybead6 (250-425microns), Keybead8 (600-800 microns), Keybead7(400-600 microns)

Grade Information

Keybead7(400-600 microns)
Keybead1 (53-106 microns) 56 -106
Keybead2 (75-150 microns) 75 -150
Keybead3 (105-210 microns) 106 -212
Keybead4 (150-250 microns) 150 -250
Keybead5 (180-300 microns) 180 -300
Keybead6 (250-425microns) 250 - 425
Keybead8 (600-800 microns) 600-800


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